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Peoples Sound Independent Record Shop
This Notting Hill institution has been promoting Jamaican music and culture for over 20 years, visit the shop - fantastic selection of vinyl, posters and CDs...

Peoples Sound Records - independent record shop specialising in Jamaican music, All Saints Road, West London W11 1HA

Independent record shop London UK
People's Sound independent record shop, Notting Hill
Peoples Sound Records

Peoples Sound Records

11 All Saints Road
London W11 1HA


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Daddy VGO, owner People's Sound record shop, All Saints Road, UK

The People's Sound record shop is a Notting Hill institution - under the ownership of Daddy VGO - the original 'Selector' this world famous record shop has been located in All Saints Road for more than 20 years.
This legendary shop has a huge range of vinyl and cd's from around the world. Rare vinyl imports sit alongside homegrown UK music - all have the same common theme - a celebration of Jamaican music and culture.
Daddy VGO originally came to the UK in the fifties and is one of the last surviving members of a group of Jamaicans who have been utterly instrumental in championing Jamaican reggae music - through his love of the country and the music it has generated in all it's forms.
He is the founder of the 'Original Peoples Sound' Sound System. During the Notting Hill carnival - this sound system is set up directly outside his famous record shop in All Saints Road.
A host of famous people visit the shop and some of the music business' most renowned music producer's come here to one of the last independent record shops - to buy their music and hang out...
Music includes:
Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae, Dub, Lovers Rock, Roots, Ragga, Jungle, Soca, R & B, Jazz, Blues Soul and Dancehall available as vinyl, cassettes and CD's - great range of posters and videos - worldwide mail order service, call the shop direct for details.
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Opening hours
Mon - Sat 10.00 - 21.00
Sun 15.00 - 19.00

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Reggae vinyl and cds from People's Sound record shop, Notting Hill, West London UK
Posters and videos available by mail order

Independent record shop, Notting Hill, London UK

Daddy VGO, owner of People's Sound record shop, All Saints Road
Daddy VGO

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